Protection of investors

The number of people entrusting banks, financial brokers and other credit institutions to manage their finances in various forms has been growing recently. Financial and investment relations are complicated, for a reason entities providing this type of services are obligated by Lithuanian legislation to provide thorough and complete information to service recipients, investors. With long-standing experience in finances, we know that service providers usually avoid disclosing all required information, tempt and lure clients to invest their funds into less reliable investment instruments. Lawyers of our firm will help you to formalise your contractual relations with financial institutions in a proper manner, representing you in negotiations will ensure that financial institutions would invest your funds only into the instruments on which you agreed and accepted investment risks. We will consult you on securities turnover, public offerings, listing of shares, public takeovers of companies, investment services, and implementation of the modes of security of crediting and lending, mortgage and other duties and on other matters. If a financial institution invested your entrusted funds improperly and you incurred losses, we will represent you in negotiations on reimbursement of losses, examining a dispute through pre-trial procedure, and will defend your infringed rights in court.

Lawyers of the firm have long-standing experience in financial law, knowledge and experience of working in the securities commission, commercial banks and other institutions. Representing our clients, we defended their rights regarding ungrounded write-off of invested funds by Admiral Markets AS financial institution. Besides, we won our clients’ case against Alpha Baltic financial broker regarding inappropriate investment and loss of funds entrusted to them by their clients. The courts defended infringed rights of the investors and awarded compensation of LTL 300,000 to be paid by Alpha Baltic financial broker. Representing our clients, we carried out negotiations with SEB AB bank regarding inappropriate investment of funds entrusted by the investor, concealment of information of mandatory disclosure and reimbursement of damages caused by the latter actions.