Project Description

Competition law

Experiencing unfair competition in business? Competitors copy your manufactured and marketed products? Your employees were enticed over? Your clients were taken over through unlawful actions? Or maybe your former employer prevents you from carrying out activity independently? Our law firm will help you to deal with any matters related to competition law. We will represent you in negotiations on termination of unlawful competition actions, and reimbursement of damage caused by such actions. In case of failure to find a compromise, we will represent you in court.

You want to protect information of particular significance and importance for your business, protect yourself against information leakage to competitors? You suspect your employees intending to use information held by your company unfairly for unlawful purposes? We will help you to make the right decisions and properly document all actions needed for protection of this kind of information.

Lawyers of our firm prepared employees’ non-competition agreements with Wood Line UAB and other companies, contested three non-competition agreements of Padvaiskas ir Ko UAB with employees on their non-compliance with the established requirements. In proceedings conducted by our firm, courts recognised actions of Alytus District Municipality as restricting competition and defended infringed rights of the clients. Besides, we consulted our clients on unlawfully lured clients and employees, use of confidential information, represented our clients in courts on reimbursement of damage caused by unlawful competition actions.