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Compensation of damage caused to patients’ health

If you suffered from health injuries caused by inappropriate or unlawful actions of doctors or health institution, you are always entitled to claim fair damage compensation. All medical professionals irrespective of their specialisation (dentists, general practitioners, surgeons, etc.) must treat you as a patient with maximum diligence. But if medical professionals fulfilled their duties improperly and therefore caused damage to your health, all damage must be compensated to you by a health institution in which the doctor who caused damage worked.

It must be noted that you are entitled to compensation of both property and moral damages:

  • Property damages include your treatment expenses, decreased income because of lost job or reduced capacity to work, expenses of medicine, etc.
  • You can also claim moral damages incurred – unpleasant experiences, physical pain, emotional tension, humiliation, decreased possibilities to communicate, etc. caused by health injury.

The law provides all conditions for full-value compensation of damages incurred by a patient. However, health care institutions are reluctant at compensating damages incurred by patients. Therefore, you will need a lawyer capable of proper application of complex mechanism designed by laws to secure compensation of your incurred damages.

Lawyers of our firm have won all cases, in which they represented patients seeking compensation of damages from health care institutions; therefore with successful experience in this field we will be capable of proper assurance of protection of your interests. Through representation by our lawyers in courts, patients were awarded compensation of property and moral damages from defaulting dental clinics, maternity hospitals, other health care institutions, dentists, obstetricians-gynaecologists, surgeons or traumatologists of which improperly fulfilled their duties.

If you decide to claim damages, our advice is to contact a lawyer without any delay, since delay in taking legal action after suffering damages in this type of cases frequently causes significant decrease in damages due to compensation, and sometimes even prevents a possibility to claim incurred damages.

Our lawyers will provide you with thorough consulting in your case; will help you to assess realistic chances of success, potential amount to be adjudged and other important circumstances. We invite all persons who suffered damages from inappropriate treatment to be responsive and contact our Law Firm for protection of their legitimate interests.

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