Project Description

Labour relations

Proper and careful documentation of legal relations of employment plays highly important role for successful and smooth business development. Structure of offices established by the company, clear definition of functions assigned to employees, division and distribution of competences play a very important role. In labour relations, coordination of employees’ incentives, compensations, qualification improvement with confidentiality, non-competition obligations, loyalty to the employer, finally proper and productive completion of assigned functions and duties and material responsibility is important.

Lawyers of our firm will help you on all matters related to labour law: from consultations, preparation of collective and individual employment contracts, formation of the structure of offices, preparation of job instructions and provisions, documentation of missions to settlement of collective and individual labour disputes, cancellation of employment contracts, redundancy or transfer of employees.

Besides, we will consult you on occupational health and safety, regulation of which is highly complicated and frequently causes a lot of confusions and challenges to business entities. Defective interpretation of legal acts of occupational health and safety by controlling institutions frequently occurs in practice. In such cases, we will help you to prove your proper fulfilment of the requirements of legal acts and assurance of occupational health and safety.

Lawyers of the firm prepared collective agreements, job rules of employees, agreements on full material responsibility, confidentiality and non-competition and many other necessary documents for such companies, as: Vilniaus Sigmos partneris UAB, Dominari UAB, Ginlora UAB, Wood Line UAB, and others, representing Ginlora UAB and other companies, we achieved settlement of individual labour disputes with employees in favour of our clients.