Project Description


Liberalisation of energy markets not only brings new business opportunities but also many more questions regarding interpretation of legal acts, fulfilment of formal requirements in order to provide energy services, settlement of disputes with controlling institutions and service recipients or other persons. Lawyers of our firm have long-term experience in consulting clients on various matters relevant in energy sector, and representing clients in relations with controlling institutions, service recipients or third parties.

Lawyers of our firm will help you to find answers to any arising questions regarding generation and supply of electricity, energy of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, trade and supply of natural gas, oil products or other energy sources. We will consult you on validity of requirements set by controlling institutions and modes of their fulfilment, issue of pollution allowances, the right to claim subsidies, and other matters. Besides, we will help you settle any disputes disrupting your smooth activity.

Lawyers of our firm prepared a package of necessary documents for connection of ten wind plants of Energogrupė UAB to distribution networks, carried out negotiations on behalf of Marisa UAB with Litgrid on provision of a measure of security of fulfilment of duties under the agreement on purchase – sale of balancing electricity, consulted Reenpro UAB on installation of solar power plants, consulted Global Petroleum on supply of liquefied gas. Besides, our lawyers consulted clients on signing oil product supply agreements.