Project Description

Transport law

Because of our long-term experience, we can state that companies providing transportation services and their clients pay insufficient attention to documentation of their contractual relations. Such attitude frequently complicated settlement of any arising dispute, the need to collect a big number of additional documents and other evidences. Our firm prepared a package of documents needed for providing cargo transportation services for Marisa UAB. The client is still using our prepared documents and consultations, the applied practice prevents misunderstanding and disputes on cargo transportation.

If you experienced a dispute on cargo loss, damage, delayed delivery, with our long-standing abundant experience we will help you to settle all arising disputes effectively. Representing our clients, we won cases against LINAVA regarding repayment of guarantee contribution paid by the carrier and unreasonable payment of damage to third parties. We also won case of Altas UAB on lost cargo, in which the courts instructed DHL Lietuva UAB to pay full value of the lost cargo transported by air, despite the cargo not being insured. We won clients’ cases in which carriers had traffic accidents and their insurers refused compensation of damage because of damaged cargo. Besides, we have immense experience in dealing with disputes between passenger transportation companies and State road transport inspectorate.

Our provided legal services were appreciated by a number of companies providing transportation services and encountering unlawful actions of carriers. We provided consulting and other legal services to Ecolines Group organising passenger transportation, Marisa UAB organising cargo transportation, Zm Transport Marek Wyszynski Zbigniew Wyszynski i Wspolnicy Sp.J., Altas UAB, GL Supply&Marketing Services UAB and other companies which obtained reimbursement of losses from carriers.