Project Description

Bankruptcy, restructuring of legal entities

Your company is incapable to fulfil its financial obligations or you personally face danger of bankrupt company’s debts? We will share our long-term experience of providing package services to interested persons in the field of company bankruptcy and restructuring. Providing our services, we will help you to assess the situation of your company and to find the most favourable decision for you and your company’s creditors. We will assist in your negotiations with company’s creditors on possibilities to restructure the company; we will prepare all necessary documents for company restructuring, transfer, affiliation, merger or any other restoration of company’s solvency. If solvency of the company cannot be restored, we will help you organise and carry out bankruptcy procedures.

You encountered a fraudulent debtor evading fulfilment of his duties and having solvency problems? We will help you to find the most effective decision in debtor’s bankruptcy proceedings. Representing you, we will exert all necessary actions to prove fraudulent actions of a debtor or his governing persons, fraudulent bankruptcy of a debtor, illicit actions of transferring debtor’s assets to third parties or other actions carried out by debtor’s governing persons to evade fulfilment of duties to you.

Lawyers of our firm have long-standing experience of initiating bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings for clients’ companies or debtors, representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings. Lawyers of our firm settled disputes that arose in the bankruptcy proceedings of Baldų rojus UAB regarding fulfilment of duties in favour of our clients, also achieved return of fraudulently or artificially transferred assets to the balance sheet of Vilniaus pastatai UAB under bankruptcy, which later were used to satisfy credit claims of clients. Besides, we defended creditors’ rights infringed by transfer of assets of Kesonas UAB under bankruptcy, won disputes in bankruptcy proceedings of Naujoji Vaišvydava UAB regarding legitimacy and validity of decisions adopted by creditors’ meetings.