Project Description

Construction and territory planning

Construction and territory planning sector in Lithuania is subject to in particular strict and complicated regulation. When developing real estate projects and building individual houses or dealing with land related matters, institutions controlling land management, territory planning or construction cannot be avoided, and frequently their decisions or actions hindering smooth execution of activities are beyond understanding or explanation. With long-term experience in the field of land management, territory planning and construction, lawyers of our firm will help you by consulting and representing you when applying for completion of necessary territory planning procedures, public discussion, adverse environmental impact assessment, receipt of design conditions, preparation of technical or working design, and when obtaining necessary approvals, building permits. Besides, we will help you to settle any disputes arising with controlling institutions or other individuals.

Lawyers of our firm conducted due diligence of real estate development in Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys at request of Dominari UAB, Tiltan Group and other clients. Representing Ardanuy Ingeneria S.A., we finalised negotiations with JSC Lithuanian Railways in favour of our client regarding appropriateness and acceptance of design works. Represented by our lawyers, clients won cases on cancellation of land management projects unlawfully prepared by the National Land Service, illegality of cadastre measurements, and unlawful decisions on land plot formation. Lawyers of our firm contested unreasonably issued building permits, obtained reimbursement of damage caused to clients by improperly completed construction, helped in finding decisions favourable to our clients on rectification of defective building works or reduction of price for building works.