Project Description

Insurance law

In increasing number of relations regarding incidents in which at least one party suffered damages, insurance companies are involved. In such events, individuals face a hard challenge to litigate with expert lawyers of insurance companies, who would do anything to prevent payment of insurance benefit by their companies or if any paid – to secure repayment of the amount concerned by the perpetrator (subrogation).

Whichever side of interests you find yourself in, professional legal assistance will be highly valuable for you. Lawyers of our firm have successful experience of litigation with insurance companies and representation of clients in disputes regarding:

  • recognition of events as insured events;
  • legal assessment of insured events;
  • validity of payment/refusal to pay insurance benefits;
  • establishment of the amounts of insurance benefits.

Lawyers of our firm when representing clients in proceedings achieved that insurance rules drawn by insurers would be interpreted in favour of clients. The court admitted that the decisions of ERGO Lietuva and other insurers to treat misappropriation or theft of a car as uninsured event are ungrounded and instructed the insurers to pay insurance benefit to the victims. Representing GL Supply&Marketing Services UAB and other clients, we won cases against insurance companies regarding compensation of damage incurred in a traffic accident, of the value of lost cargo, and ungrounded reduction of insurance benefit.

We will represent you in negotiations with insurers when signing insurance agreement, and implementing them. We will offer consulting on expiry, invalidity of agreements. We will also offer our assistance in dealing with other problems related to various types of life and non-life insurance.