Family law

With long-standing working experience in family law, our lawyers will provide quality consulting on the matters of your interest and will help you to deal with legal problems regarding:

  • Maintenance of children: we will consult on maintenance amount to be paid for your child; we will act as intermediary in entering into agreement with your spouse on children’s maintenance and will draw such agreements. If failed to find a joint agreement, we will prepare a claim for awarding maintenance, will collect necessary evidences for maintenance due to minor children and young adults until the age of 24. If needed, we will prepare all necessary documents and represent you in increasing or reducing maintenance awarded for your child;
  • Establishment of children’s place of residence: we will prepare an agreement of parents or a claim for establishment of child’s place of residence. If needed, we will represent you in court when changing the child’s place of residence or establishing it with you;
  • Division of spouses’ property: we will provide all necessary consulting on your possibilities to divide property acquired in marriage, will prepare a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement establishing which spouse is eligible to which property acquired in marriage. Beside, we will prepare a claim for cancellation or invalidation of your nuptial agreement and will help in dealing with other issues;
  • Inheritance and acceptance of succession: we will prepare a will and help you to register it properly, will help in contesting the will made by your relative when misled or deceived by other p We will represent you when accepting or waiving the succession, will defend your infringed indefeasible interest, will help you to obtain court permission to accept the succession on behalf of a minor child, and will consult and assist in all other matters of succession by law and will;
  • Establishment or contesting of paternity: we will provide consulting, prepare all procedural documents and represent in court when establishing or contesting paternity, will help to collect necessary evidences;
  • Maintenance: we will provide consulting on a possibility to claim maintenance from your spouse, children or other relatives, will prepare procedural documents regarding award or change of maintenance;
  • Registration, change, correction of civil status: we will help in registering birth, adoption, marriage or divorce and other civil status certificates. We will prepare necessary documents for change of civil status certificates;
  • Other matters of family law: marriage invalidation, adoption, custody, care, etc.