Project Description

Public Procurement

Our firm has a long-standing experience in preparation, assessment of public procurement documents, adoption of decisions on public procurement, and also in settling disputes arising because of public procurement procedures or their breaches.

We will help you to prepare draft documents of public procurement, consult you on procurement procedures, provision of information to interested persons, envelope opening procedures, establishment of the sequence of offers and assessment of offers, selection of winners. We will also prepare draft answers to received inquiries regarding procurement procedures, draft agreements of public procurement. In case of disputes with persons participating in public procurement, we will help you to settle them, and in case of failure to find an amicable decision, we will represent you in judicial settlement of disputes.

Lawyers of our firm consulted the National Cancer Institute on organisation of public procurements, preparation of procurement documents, assessment of received offers and selection of winners. Representing Jonava Forestry Administration, we won a dispute in court regarding legitimacy of public procurement organised by the client and legality of client’s actions.