Divorce proceedings

Mikučiauskas and Partners’ Law Firm EXPROMA has been working with divorce cases for over 10 years. Therefore, we can offer you qualified divorce lawyers’ services, with maximum insight into your situation and dealing with the situations in quality manner and shortest time possible. You are wondering what quick divorce is and how much it will cost to you?

According to the effective laws of Lithuania, three types of marriage dissolution are available, and costs and duration of divorce procedure depend on the chosen type of divorce.

Divorce by mutual consent is the quickest and cheapest way to divorce. If both spouses agree to terminate their marriage, agree on division of their property, debts, place of residence, maintenance of minor children, then we will help you to formalise your agreement accordingly, coordinate it with other parties involved (e.g. bank, other creditors), complete other necessary formalities. All this is necessary to ensure maximum protection of your interests by this quick and cheap process.

Marriage dissolution at one spouse’s request. This type of marriage dissolution is relatively quick as well, but it is possible under certain conditions stipulated in the law: spouses have lived separately for over one year; after marriage, one of spouses was declared by court as legally incapable/missing; one of the spouses is serving a sentence for more than one year for an offence of unintentional character. In this case, a divorce lawyer will help you to carry out all necessary procedural actions, to prove the existing circumstances properly, to ensure protection of your and your children’s interests.

Fault divorce. Disagreements between spouses determine direct dependence of the duration and costs of divorce procedure on divorce lawyer’s professionalism. We can offer you professional lawyers pursuing the goal of protection of your interests and experienced in settling disputes in shortest time possible.

It must be noted that in dissolution of marriage by fault, probative circumstances of the infringement of marital duties by the other spouse making marriage impossible are highly important (infidelity, cruel behaviour, negligence of family, etc.). Such circumstances serve as a ground for you to claim compensation of property and moral damage by the other spouse for family breakup.

Another matter of the same importance is establishment of maintenance of your minor children and of their place of residence. To defend your and your child’s interests, you will need in particular serious legal and factual grounds to convince not only the court but also representatives of children rights protection service.

We have been working for over 10 years on a daily basis to ensure the success of your dispute for divorce.

Every divorce case is unique and every time we are searching for individual modes of dispute settlement. Therefore, to find answers to the questions: ‘how much will divorce costs’, ‘is quick divorce possible in your case’, ‘will our divorce lawyers in Vilnius be capable of proper representation of your interests in any other city’, please contact us by phone and we will arrange time and place for your personal consultation.