Project Description

Disputes of administrative nature

  • Ministries, departments, inspectorates, services, commissions or other state institutions adopted an unlawful individual administrative act, decision to your dissatisfaction?
  • State institutions failed to provide information of mandatory disclosure or delayed its provision, refused to perform their functions?
  • You were imposed an administrative penalty?
  • You caused or were involved in a traffic accident and now you have problems with the police?
  • You lost the right to drive a car, fish, hunt, design, etc.?

Litigation with the state is an activity that usually requires lots of time and nerves, and not everyone accepts this challenge. But if you found yourself in one of the above-mentioned situations and want to find a proper and quick way out of it, we can help you. We will provide consulting, find possible solution of the problem, prepare or obtain necessary documents and other evidences from appropriate institutions. Saving time? Then, we will represent you in necessary public administration institutions, courts of all instances.

Lawyers of the firm have immense experience in settling administrative disputes in state institutions and in courts. We won a number of cases of ungrounded deprival of driving, hunting or fishing licences, breach of licence, breaches of legislation of alcohol, tobacco control. With our assistance, farmers won cases against the National Paying Agency regarding assignment of support or benefits or administration of applications. We won the case, in which the court awarded compensation of damages by the state of Lithuania to our client. Damage to the client was caused by unlawful actions of the police officers in determining the perpetrator in traffic incident. Despite evidently biased behaviour of the officers and even court experts towards the client during the trial, our layers persuaded the courts to adopt decisions denying the fault of the client for the traffic incident and awarding compensation of litigation losses by the state to the client.