Project Description

Corporate management

Our firm will help shareholders to agree on company management and main decisions, such as: governing structure of a company, appointment of governing bodies, use of shareholders’ contributions, creation of reserves of a legal entity, acceptance by singing shareholders’ agreement, and will help to settle any disputes arising in fastest and most favourable manner.

In case of any deep-rooted disagreements between shareholders that have not been solved for a long time, we will help you by initiating proceedings of investigation of activities of a legal person or forced sale of shares. Our advocates and lawyers will help you to prepare documents of corporate merger, acquisition or takeover, will represent you in the processes of reorganisation, restructuring, liquidation of a legal entity. We will also help you to claim and recover damage caused by illicit actions and decisions of the head of the company, misappropriation or misuse of company’s funds or other assets. We will consult shareholders on their priority rights to acquire transferred shares of a company, and will help to settle any disputes arising because of infringement of the above-mentioned rights.

Lawyers of our firm prepared shareholder agreements, voting right transfer agreements, options of such companies as Energogrupė UAB, provided consulting on restructuring of the managerial structure of Marisa Group, organised reorganisation and restructuring of the managerial structure of Wood Line Group, consulted Dominari Group on selection of a managerial structure, organised increase of the authorised capital of the Group, conducted due diligence of Neo Group. Lawyers of our firm prepared incorporation documents, documents on increase or reduction of authorised capital of a number of companies, helped clients in dealing with matters of responsibility of the head of a company, priority right of shareholders to acquire transferred rights, investigation of company’s activity, forced sale of shares and other matters related to corporate management and company law.