Project Description

Intellectual property

Frequently, authors of works of art or scientific-technological inventions neglect protection of their property and non-property rights, and when a conflict arises, do not know where to apply to, how to defend their legitimate interests properly. However, if you suspect that your work of art, trademark, design or any other fruit of your intellectual work was inappropriately or illegally used without your knowledge, it is worth to consult our lawyers on this matter. We:

  • prepare copyright agreements;
  • represent in registration of national or community trademarks, designs, patents;
  • represent in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights by defending the rights of an author or owner of related rights, and owner of industrial property objects.

Legal protection of an invention, trademark, design, work of art or other intellectual law object will secure not only your or your successors’ financial interests, but also proper representation of your name in Lithuania and all over the world.

Lawyers of our firm prepared copyright agreements for publication of books and other works, consulted Vitagra UAB on the use of trademarks and design and infringement of potential legitimate interests of other individuals, represented our clients in settling disputes with persons who infringed their intellectual property rights.