Settlement of labour disputes

Improper fulfilment of duties by employers, disregard of individual or collective agreements or requirements of the Labour Code and other legal acts frequently result in disputes with employees regarding imposition of disciplinary measures, fair calculation and payment of working and rest hours, salary, fair payment of overtime. Employers evading proper definition of functions assigned to employees or express specification of employees’ responsibilities frequently start exploiting employees, force them to perform job functions that are not included into signed employment contracts, avoid fair payment for extra work. Beside, without these matters being regulated, employers interpret loyalty, confidentiality and non-competition obligations of employees exclusively to their own benefit, restricting any contacts with rival business subjects, prohibiting interest in job offers of other employers, threatening salary cuts or exerting other unlawful actions. We will help you to deal with any labour disputes effectively and to your benefit, will represent you in negotiations with employers, and settling disputes through pre-trial procedure and in court.

Representing employees, lawyers of our firm won cases of ungrounded termination of employment contracts against such companies as JSC Lithuanian Railway, Šilutės automobilių keliai UAB, and cases of unlawful reduction of officers’ salaries. Representing our client, we won the case against Girteka UAB, in which the employer wrongly demanded recognition of full material responsibility of the employee and helped employees to settle a number of other individual labour disputes in their favour.